I can’t take it anymore, I don’t—what does he want from me? How can he keep looking at me like that? And he never blinks I don’t…

Fuck, his balls are even bigger tonight, every fucking night, and the voices, I hear them, it’s for me, the seed is for me, he’s been saving it for me and all I have to do it ask, all I have to do is beg and he’ll give it to me, but I don’t want it, do I? Do I not?

Fuck, I should just kill him—I mean, I’ve killed how many people for the gang in my day? Hell, when I saw my white, pudgy cellmate I thought he’d be a pushover, a fucking weakling, but once the sun goes down…I haven’t slept a wink since I started bunking with him, and neither has he, he just lays there, stroking his cock, fondling his growing balls, and the voices…

He told me the devil keeps him safe. He told me about the people he killed, sacrificed—I didn’t believe him. But…but what if it’s true? If…If I taste him, I’ll know. If I taste him, I’ll know if he’s really the master or not. Yes, I have to know, I have to taste. Please, please can I taste your seed? Please, I have to know, give me knowledge, tell me, command me, take me please…please…

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