“Oh, I admit, it’s a rather strange way to start an exercise program,” the masked man said, “But trust me, we have a very high success rate. Now, let’s start filming, eh?“

Jerry struggled, and fought against his bonds and gag as the man started running the paddle along his ass. “Yeah, look at you, look at the fat fucking pig you are. Squeal for me piggy, I want to hear you squeal and grunt like a fucking fat sow, or I’ll paddle you so hard, you won’t sit right for weeks.”

Jerry fought, and the man smacked him hard, hard enough for him to start grunting as the man had told him to, making both him and the man with the camera start laughing at him.

“I’m gonna fuck your fat ass pig, I’m gonna breed you good, just like you asked.”

The man rammed his cock up Jerry’s hole, paddling him every time he started fighting back, until he finally just accepted it, grunting and oinking as the men asked, until they’d both had their way with him, and they turned off the camera.

“Alright, well  the hard part is done,” the masked man said, “Now, here’s how this works. You have two choices. You can hit your goal weight in six months—just follow the training regimen as we prescribe it. It’s really that simple. However, if you skip a day, one of us will pay you a visit.“ he said, attaching a chastity device around Jerry’s cock, “and you’ll do everything we tell you to do if we pay you a visit, or you can kiss your cock good bye forever.”

“Now, we don’t blame you if you fall off the wagon,” the second man said, “and trust me, we have a whole bevy of pigs who’ve decided to stay fat. If you miss enough days, trust us, you’ll love being humiliated as a fat pig. If it comes to that, trust me, when we send that video to all your friends and family, all it will do is turn you on so much you’ll beg us to film another one for them. So, that’s your choice—slim down and live your own life, or become another one of our obese pigs, desperate for humiliation and a rough fuck—the choice is up to you.“

With that, they undid his bonds, and left Jerry in his apartment, shaking and terrified. After collecting himself and testing his new chastity device, he looked at his new workout routine—and his new diet. It was more extreme than anything he’d tried before, but he had no doubt it would do the trick—if he could follow it—but he didn’t have a choice, did he? His cock gave a little stir, and he tried not to think about it, and started with his one hundred jumping jacks.

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