“It’s called Living Latex, isn’t it wonderful? I was getting so tired of your screams and pleas for mercy, but the hiss of your breath now, oh fuck, it’s making me so hard, even if it means I can’t rape that nice mouth of yours anymore. Still, I do have your ass at least, let’s bend you over…yes, that’s it, now let’s get it nice and wet for my cock, oh but first, I think I should put the hood on you, yes, that’ll be nice.

"Now stop squirming…just a little further, and pull it down over those new mouths of yours, yes, there we are! Nice and snug. Look at that head of yours, so nice and smooth now—you aren’t going to need those eyes or ears anyway, and just the hint of a nose…oh fuck, that new face of yours is going to be so hot…

"Yeah, fuck yeah, take my cock, the edges are sealed now, it’s never coming off, but you probably can’t even hear me as well, can you? Well, before you can’t hear at all, I might as well tell you what’s going to happen. The body piece, I’ll do that next, you’re going to have a big old bladder where that smooth six pack is now, and you’re going to be storing all my piss and cum in that. And say goodbye to your arms, they’re going to be bound to your sides, absorbed right into your body, and your legs will be bound up too. You’ll just be a solid piece of living rubber soon, slave, just an asshole, and a faucet where your cock is, so my other slaves can get a drink whenever they need it. A piss and cum fountain—fuck, I can’t wait.

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