“But…But I have to go to work, I can’t…I can’t miss another day, how will…how will I pay rent?” Kurt said, trying to resist the sensation of Damon rubbing his belly.

“Oh don’t you worry about that, I can cover it, just come on over here and lay down, big boy, and let me take care of you–I can’t have you up on your feet, or you might loose weight.”

Kurt was powerless as his slender roommate pulled him over to the sofa and pushed him down onto the soft cushions, watching Kurt sigh and relax, succumbing to inertia. “Yes, that’s good master, just lay there and relax,” Damon said, undressing Kurt, who fought meekly.

“Master? I’m…I’m not anyone’s master…" 

"Shush, don’t pay that any mind yet–just jack off some more, and let me go fix you some more breakfast.”

Kurt did as Damon suggested, digging his cock out of jeans, unable to resist, and started jacking off. The demon living inside Damon cackled–this slender body he’d stolen was far too energetic to hold his master, but this one–this one would be perfect before long. And when Yesholom the Slothful finally entered the world, well, then the fun would truly begin.

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