Up in his room, Quentin was reading a book, his window open, and every once in a while, he could catch a whiff of Oscar’s cigar smoke as it wafted in on the breeze. Funny, when he’d come home from college to discover who had started renting the other half of the duplex his parents owned, he’d scared Quentin half to death, with all of his tattoos and his smoking, but now he’d gotten used to it, and…whenever he caught a whiff of the smoke, his cock always got hard–it was the strangest thing.

“Quentin, I’m going to yoga,” his mom called up the stairs, “I’ll be back in a few hours–I’m going to pick up stuff for dinner on the way home. Anything you need from the store?”

“No Mom, I’m good,” Quentin called back, and a few minutes later, he heard the garage door open, his mom pull out and drive off. As soon as the sound of her car disappeared, Quentin’s eyes glazed over, he set down his book and marched out into the backyard, where Oscar was smoking in a lawn chair, shirtless.

“Master,” Quentin said, “my parents are gone sir, I’m yours.”

“Good boy,” Oscar said around the cigar, “Smoke for me while you fuck yourself on my cock, and we talk some more about what you’re going to do with this life of yours.”

Oscar had plans for his new bitch after all–there was no way he was going to be leaving for college in the fall. No, by then, he’d be a tattooed thug, just like Oscar. Well, not just like Oscar. He’d be his total bitch, a whore he’d make bank renting out to the rest of his hoodlum friends, but that would come later. “So, let’s talk about the tattoos you’re going to start getting bitch,” Oscar said, “The very first one is going to say ‘Property of Oscar,’ and I want it on the back of your neck, got it?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good, I’ve made you an appointment already–you’re going to get it on Friday. What do you say, bitch? "Oh, and I talked to your parents last night–we had a good long discussion about your future–they both agree that college was a dumb choice for a dumb thug bitch like you, so they’re having you move in with me this weekend.”

“Thank you sir–I can’t wait sir.”

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