“A New Coaching Position” Part 4 of 5

They gave me a choice, when they dragged me out of the theater, once the team had had their way with me. They told me that they could do one of two things. Either I could accept a position with them in the organization helping with various “acquisitions,” or they’d throw me back in the theater with the team, without the goggles, where in a matter of moments I’d have no mind like the rest of them, just a hog for fattening, eating and fucking and…and is it any surprise I took the job? No, I didn’t want it, I mean, I’ve grown to…enjoy it, sure, as you can tell, but what sort of choice did I really have?

Of course, they didn’t bother to tell me that just because I’d taken the job didn’t mean I wouldn’t require some…modifying. That’s the word they use–modifications. But that’s not my specialty–I’m a trainer; still a coach of sorts, just, in a different capacity. It was the smoking that I hated the most. I still–well, that’s a lie. I love it now, I just know that I shouldn’t, but what good does that do me? From the first day in the facility they had me trained in tobacco use–cigars, pipes, cigarettes, dip–I use them all now, all the damn time. Of course, that was just the start of it. The testosterone–fuck, it makes me so fucking…aggressive. The near endless workouts help take the edge off, but when they showed me that first pig, that first slut begging for my cock, I only held out for a minute before giving it a rough fuck, cumming in its hole…it was only later that I felt bad, but I don’t feel bad about it anymore.

I’m a leather smoke bear now, I guess. Grizzled, muscled, aggressive, one hundred percent top. Most of the time, I’m free to live the life they’ve given me, nights out at the leather bar, taking home cubs for nights of smoke sex, bondage and pain play–fuck, yeah, watching a guy bleed–nothing turns me on quite like that. A few times a year though, they deliver me a pig to train. Someone who needs the special touch, and they all leave the same–craving smoke and sexual abuse. Sure, it’s wrong, but I love it, and can’t imagine any other life, but you know all about that part, don’t you?

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