How many loads had it been now? He could remember counting to eight hours ago, but Grandpa’s balls still hadn’t run dry. He licked at them, his own cock rock hard. He could almost taste the sweet cum inside them, and he was growing hungry again.

Running his hands over his furry belly, he could almost remember what it had been like to have abs, to have been hairless, no beard, a full head of hair, but he was a daddy now, and he never wanted to go back.

“Still want more, Grandson? Well, maybe Son at this point, eh? Well, alright, go ahead–suck me off again, if you want.”

Son, yeah, he was old enough to be his son,now, wasn’t he? He eagerly wrapped his lips around his Daddy’s cock and started sucking down his seed, his stomach gurgling and surging as it started to expand.

“Yeah, look at that belly grow, we’re gonna have you big and plump like a proper daddy here in a second, then we can play with your fat while you jack off. Now, how big? I’m thinking the big 400, yeah, what a big fucking daddy you’re gonna be, or maybe even a granddad like me…”

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