Yeah, that’s Buck–ain’t he a beauty? He’s my most recent subject, and definitely my most successful. Eight and a half feet tall, four hundred pounds, and perfectly compliant–he’ll do anything I tell him to do, and for 1000 dollars an hour, anything you tell him to do as well.

Yeah, imagine, this little guy, barely five foot three, slender as a rail, sees the flyer and comes in to meet with me? Lucky for him, he had just the sort of reaction to the drugs I’ve been looking for. Usually after this long the subjects start devolving, going all gorilla on me, but he for some reason metabolizes it perfectly. Of course, there’s wasn’t even much cognitive loss, though the programming has dulled his mind a bit. He smells fantastic too–ha, look at that guy, can’t rip himself away from Buck’s pit, and Buck hasn’t even noticed. So, you interested? I have an opening two months out, if you’d like, but if you don’t book now, I might not have anything available until next year.

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