Sure, the idea of working from home sounded nice when my boss suggested it–I mean, who doesn’t like the idea of setting their own schedule? The company was even nice enough buy me a new computer for my home office, and my boss even came over to help me get it set up, and show me what I would be doing. I mean, I guess I can’t remember what he talked about very well, but it was pretty close to the same stuff I was doing at the office, just at home, so I wasn’t too worried.

Sure, it was great for a few days, but now I just feel so strange. I’ve gained so much weight, and it seems like all I do is eat and jack off. Well, and send emails to my boss. God, I don’t know what comes over me, all this stuff I’ve been sending him–pictures of myself naked, telling him that I’m desperate for him to come over and smother his face in my fat…Fuck, I’m horny again, and he just sent me another email. He’s coming by tonight for an in person progress check…oh fuck, what am I gonna do?

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