25 years? Hell no, there was no way Bruiser was going back in there, not for that long. It hadn’t even been his fault, it was Skull who’d killed the guy, but because he’d flipped and got immunity, Bruiser was getting pinned for everything. Well, when his cellmate had offered to put him in contact with a guy who could help him bust out, he’d decided to take the chance. It had happened so fast, he still wasn’t sure how they’d managed it. He’d been intercepted mid transit to the maximum security prison, busted out, and now here he was in some motel room with a guy wearing nothing more than a jockstrap who still hadn’t given him a name other than Mr. H.

Of course, what Bruiser didn’t know was that Mr. H ran a very specialized escort and bodyguard company, who specialized in protecting male celebrities with a gay side they wanted to keep under wraps from the press. He trained his bodyguards to not only protect his clients with their lives, but serve their new masters in any manner they wanted, keeping their secrets to the grave. It took a few days for Bruiser’s initial training to set in, but soon the tattooed lug had Mr. H’s cock crammed down his throat, and it turned out he would be serving in a very different prison for much longer than the next 25 years.

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