“Yeah, who’s my big bear?”

“I’m *hic* yer big bear…”

“You sure are, god, look how fast you’re growing, love those fucking stretch marks. Probably can’t even zip up these coveralls of yours, but you like showing off your belly don’t you?”

“Yeah, fuckin’ love it, love my belly…”

“Gonna make ya even bigger when I take you home. Got more of my special brew, I’m gonna feed you a whole keg of it, make you so fuckin’ fat you won’t be able to move, so fucking dumb you won’t be able to think about anything beyond eating, drinking and sucking my cock.”


“Gonna whore you out too. Gonna throw house parties, gonna let my friends use you as their personal cumdump. Would you like that, slut?”

“I’d…I’d *hic* I’d do anythin’ fer ya, Mikey. I love you.”

“Fucking pig, god you were so fucking easy. Gonna love breaking in that hole of yours tonight.”

“I’m so horny Mikey, I…yeah, take me home, fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

Let’s get home then, pig, and the real fun’ll start.“

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