No, I don’t think the two of them are scared anymore. In fact, I don’t think the two of them are feeling, or thinking, much of anything anymore. What do you think, I would say they’re about 90% covered myself, and it while the spread has slowed, it won’t stop until they’re completely covered. I did both of them just last week–they were planning on getting married, and wanted each other’s names on their arms. Stupid. They’re much hotter, and kinkier, just pieces of meat now, like you’ll be.

Is it spreading? Of course it’s spreading you dipshit. And no, that raging hardon you’ve got isn’t going away, not now, not ever. Now go on, suck their cocks like a good tattoo bitch. See? You can’t even resist my orders. Pretty soon, you’re gonna be one more empty headed tatted whore for my collection. Still, I don’t much like your look–I don’t think I’ll keep you. I can probably get 10 million for you on the market though. You’d be amazed how much rich men will pay to have a punked out ass for them to play with whenever they want–just you wait and see.

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