Like, I can’t tell you how amazing it’s been to work with Master Trainer. I was crazy skeptical at first, I mean, who wouldn’t be? The training program is, like, hella extreme, but when I sat down with Master Trainer and I felt…um…so calm, and everything he said made, like, so much sense, I just signed right up.

I had no idea that I was going to have to sacrifice so much to get into shape, though. I mean, quitting my job, breaking up with my girlfriend–those were, like, understandable. After all, I needed so much more time to work out with Master Trainer, but the drugs hella scared me at first. Still, when I noticed the drop in my libido, it just made working out that much more important to me. I swear, I haven’t jacked it in, like, months now. My cock is so small–it looks amazing in my posing trunks. Sure, the side effects were strange, like my hair falling out, and my voice jumped, like, so high, but, Master trainer has a thing for muscle headed valley girl sluts. I’m so hot now though, and it’s all thanks to Master Trainer!

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