When Danny was told that he’d have the opportunity to sit in on an executive board meeting, he was elated. How often, after all, did a lowly intern get to witness the grand wheeling and dealing of a Fortune 500 company? When he arrived, a secretary ushered him into the room, but something was off. All of the men at the table were older gentlemen, and they were all staring at him, licking their lips. 

Before Danny could say anything, the men swarmed around him, ripping away the layers of his cheap suit and latching themselves onto his cock and nipples, fighting like sharks for prime position. Danny was soon so overstimulated he could barely keep track of what was happening to him, his body growing chubby, hair whitening and falling out, bones and muscles atrophying as his face sagged and wrinkled. 

The company has been nice enough to set Danny up with a nice pension, a mansion and a butler–not that he’s ever allowed to leave. He wakes up each morning and stares at his ninety year old reflection full of regret. He certainly became successful in business, just not in the way he imagined.

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