I can’t believe that homeless bum was right–it’s great living in the back of my truck.  Sure, I didn’t believe him when he told me, why would I? Nobody listens to bums. In fact, I hated bums, and would yell at anyone stupid enough to try and panhandle me. I don’t know why this bum was different, but he’d said that, for some cash, he’d give me some advice on my life. Turns out it was the best advice I’d ever gotten.

Living in the back of my truck, wearing the same nasty clothes day after day, never washing myself or cutting my hair or beard–I feel fantastic. Still, every piece of advice came at a steeper cost, not that it hasn’t been worth it. I handed him over the deed to my house yesterday, and he’s been nice enough to let me keep the truck to sleep in. 

Fuck I’m horny–guess I’d better pay the camp under the overpass another visit. Sucking other bums dicks is the only way I can get off these days–just another great piece of advice. He says he has one final gem for me tonight–I can’t wait to hear it.

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