In the last eight years, we have seen a large uptick in membership among extreme right wing groups, particularly among violent militias in rural areas of the western states. While generally harmless, these groups still pose a possible threat to national security, and represent efforts on the part of citizens which could be used for better, non-violent purposes.

Now, studies have shown that men make up 90% of militia members, and that the violent tendencies of these men are often rooted in extreme sexual repression of homoerotic desires. Operation Prisma uses a psychodeinhibitor that, when planted in the militia’s water supply, encourages the expression of these repressed desires. The drug dose is so small that results are not generally seen for approximately four to six weeks, however, the men in the militia eventually lose interest in anti-government sentiment in favor of other activities. In test cases, militias have dissolved within days of the initial onset of symptoms, with many of the men partnering up and moving to more urban areas to rejoin society. Mr. President, we have men stationed at fifty targets–all we need is your approval to commence the operation.

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