Jared received the suit a week ago, and put it on more out of curiosity more than anything else. Now, he really wished he hadn’t. The suit’s seam had sealed itself as soon as it was on, trapping him inside–he’d had to wear a hoodie at work just to keep it hidden. Worse, he hadn’t been able to jerk off all week–the suit made all sensation in his cock completely dead, and he was horny as hell when the weekend came.

The past few nights, he’d been having strange dreams as well, the same one, looping over and over all night long. In it, he picked up his electric razor, and shaved off his hair into a mohawk, and then did it again, and again. His nerve broke on the third day, and he shaved his head, only to have the suit open and reveal his rock hard cock. 

No jack off session had ever felt so good–but as soon as he came, the suit closed up again, and the next night he was dreaming about getting gauges in his ears. Still, he couldn’t do that could he? No, he’d manage to hold out…somehow.

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