“Hell dude, you have no idea how awesome it is having a pet fag around, trust me…Fuck no, it doesn’t make me gay! Don’t be a dipshit. Look, I’ll take you to the shop tomorrow and get another collar so you can have one too…Yes he does everything I say, he can’t fuckin’ help it! I tell him to suck my dick, and he sucks my dick. I tell him to clean my apartment, he cleans my apartment. He’s on his knees right next to me, right now, just waiting for me to give him an order…Look, it’s easy. All you have to do is go to one of the bathhouses–…For the last time, none of this is going to make you gay, dipshit. It’s fuckin’ awesome man, now I always have a hole, whenever I can’t get a chick…He can’t get out, idiot. He can’t take the collar off, hey, where the fuck–

Yeah, I’m sorry. Your friend can’t talk with my cock down his throat. He’s gonna have to call you back–if I let him. *click*

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