Ethics? Why should I care about ethics? I’m a scientist, and what I have done here is genius, a solution to a grave problem we all face. We are awash with criminals–our prisons filling up, and those who are released often return within months. I have only sought to find a way to make the world a safer place for the rest of us.

What is a man, really, beyond an animal? These men–these beasts–have already signaled that they have disregarded their higher human faculties. They have no desire to create, or love, or respect one another. I have simply forced them to become that which they already are.

Animalization is the solution. Sure, it might be painful, but they have no memory of it after the operation. My dog Bruiser was frolicking about the yard in days. Sure, he required a fair amount of training, but where before there was only a vicious skinhead–who I should mention, murdered by husband in cold blood–there was now a pet completely loyal to me. 

Sentence me as you will, but I will never believe that what I did was wrong. These men are monsters–beasts. I say we treat them that way.

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