“Those…those are them?”

“Yep, two cubs, pretrained, and just waiting for a good Master. Can only sell ‘em as a pair though–the conditioning and training only took if we kept the two of ’em together.”

“Where…who were they?”

“Just a couple who wanted to play rough and try some new things, so I showed them the pleasure of complete servitude. You want to give ’em a try? I can tell they like you already. How about it cubs, you want to convince this guy to take you home as his slaves?”

“What–can they even talk?”

“They can–I just have them in pup mode at the moment–they’re easier to transport. Alright cubs, come on out, and give my man here your best.”

“Holy–they sure don’t hesitate, do they? Fuck…”

“Yeah, that one’s definitely the better cocksucker, however, his friend has an ass to die for, trust me.”

“How…how much were they again?”

“Five million for both. Shall I have my men set up a wire transfer?”

“I can’t believe…I’ll take them.”

“Very well. I’ll leave the three of you alone while I finalize the sale. Enjoy your new slaves, sir.”

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