“No Officer, you know what? I don’t really think it matters how fast I was going. I think what really matters is how good that rubber feels against your skin. You look surprised–don’t you remember putting your uniform on earlier this evening, thinking about how hot you look with the blue latex pulled tight against your muscles? Go on, rub them–damn those webbed gloves are really pervy. I bet you’re a total pervert, aren’t you? You’re just a giant rubber pig cop, aren’t you? Don’t shake your head like that–I mean, it’s pretty obvious from that mask you’re wearing. Go on, grunt. Grunt like a pig while you rub that hard cock in your rubber pants. Now, you wanted to ask me something officer? What was it?”

“Sir, *grunt* I need you *snort* to step out of your car, Sir.”

“Oh? And why is that?”

“I’ve been a very bad pig Sir, *grunt* I need a cock up my ass sir, I need it bad. Please *oink* give me your cum sir? Please?”

“Well, alright. I guess I can spare a moment for a pervy pig cop like you…”

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