“You’d better suck harder, pig. I swear, you have one of the weakest mouths I’ve ever. I think I’m gonna have to push the button again…”

“No, no please. I’m trying, I really am–”

“Sorry pig, but your time is up for this round,” Jack said, then reached over and pressed the button on the dildo stuck in the fat man’s ass. He groaned, feeling the serum pump into his colon once again, feeling his body jiggle and expand with fat once more. His gut, which was sitting on the bed, descended further and settled out on the covers, his thighs and ass sagging out with fat. Jack fondled the man’s expanding tits and new, quadruple chin, wiping the tears from the big man’s eyes.

The man, in fact, was Grant, who had been the star quarterback of the team. However, with eight loads of serum and each load generating seventy five pounds, Grant was now resting at a bit over 800 pounds, his hopes of going pro over.

“Alright, five more minutes on the clock, make me blow my load, and I’ll stop,” Jack said, and Grant resumed his sucking.

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