“Yep, ya guessed right, I’m one a them escaped convicts from that prison break. Now, I bet yer wonderin’ why I’ve tied ya up instead of just killin’ ya. Well, we’re gonna be swappin’ skins here, cause I ain’t goin’ back tah jail, so I might as well live yer life, right? Now, I already killed yer wife ‘n boy, and the story’s gonna be that ya came home, confronted me rapin’ yer dead wife’s corpse, ‘n shot me dead in the livin’ room with that shotgun over there. Course, it ain’t gonna be me in mah body when all that happens…

Oh quit yer whinin’, at least yer gonna get a good, last orgasm before ya shuffle off. See, I need some a that seed a yers tah make the switch, ‘n I learned how tah suck a good cock in prison. How about this, if ya don’t cum in the next two hours? I’ll go ahead ‘n let ya shoot me–but trust me, I don’t think ya’ll last twenty minutes, but go ahead, prove me wrong. Now lets get this here started.

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