The hypnotist’s show a few weeks ago was great, though there had been a few changes to some of the bar’s regulars. The one who changed the most though, was Robbie. He was a loud, obnoxious drunkn–but the other regulars ignored him, and if he got too riled up, the bouncers knew to just kick him to the curb.

Well, the night the hypnotist came, Robbie refused to shut up. He spent the whole evening shouting that hypnosis was fake and calling the hypnotist a crock. When he suggested Robbie come up, he insisted that he couldn’t be hypnotized–but before long, Robbie was clucking around  like a chicken…but then the show took a strange turn.

He told Robbie to pretend as hard as he could that he was a urinal, and told the other participants they needed to piss. One by one, Robbie drank it all down, and while he claims he doesn’t remember it, every night now, he sits at the end of the bar, guzzling piss like its his favorite thing in the world. Still the bar is a lot quieter now–so maybe things worked out for the best.

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