It was their first family portrait, Mark and Brian, the two daddies with their new beardslave, Joey. Their last beardslave, in a moment of resistance, had managed to get a hold of some sheers and cut away enough of his facial hair to gain back some semblance of free will, and had run off on them. Joey though–they could both tell he would be with them for a long time. They had been courting him for a while, through a community dedicated to bearded men. Joey had confessed that he’d always wanted a big bushy beard like Mark and Brian, but his genetics weren’t on his side, but Mark and Brian knew how to fix that.

He had been scared at first, they always were after the abduction, but once the daddies applied their special beard growth formula, he settled down. His beard was lush and full only three days later, and already he was wonderfully compliant. In a few more months, when his beard was long enough to reach his belly button, he wouldn’t have a single thought of his own ever again, a complete thrall to his ever growing beard.

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