“Dang, and you’re uncut too, you really would be great. A lot of my clients love roughnecks like you, and once you’re all trained and bound up in leather, you’ll be one hot piece of faggot meat. Go on, take another drag off that cigarette, and think about how much you love feeling my big, masterly hand on your cock. 

Yeah, you never really enjoyed all of this manual labor, did you? Sure, you’ve been doing it to get by, and you love being told what to do, but think of all the other opportunities out there. Why, six months in my program, and we’ll have you in the best shape of your life, you’ll be able to take a ten inch cock down your throat or up your ass with no resistance–you’ll be a star! The perfect whore.

Oh? You’re interested? Well come up to my office then–I have all the papers you need to sign, and I’ll even let you suck my cock to seal the deal. Don’t worry, it’ll be the best decision ever made for you, I promise.

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