Weekly Patreon Roundup

There’s a new roundup of various stories from other authors for Patrons over on my Patreon page. If you aren’t a patron at the $5 level and up, you also missed the suggested story from this week, about a tax auditor ending up on the wrong side of a livestock farmer, with some mind control, weight gain, and some animal TF too. There’s also quite a few new caption stories up on my discord server as well, for patrons at the $5 dollar level and up! Thanks to everyone for their support, and if you’d like more information, you can find it here.

Patreon Roundup!

Here’s what you might have missed if you aren’t supporting me on Patreon! First, there’s a new weekly roundup up, if you want a summary of some good stories and interactives to check out this week, and there’s also a little sketch of something called Dumb Wishes #1 about a young man wanting to like what he sees in the mirror (it was not a smart wish). There’s also some bonus captions for supporters over on my discord page too! If you’d like to find out more, check out my page here for details.

Weekly Patreon Roundup

Hey all, here’s a summary of some of the stuff you’ve missed if you aren’t supporting me on Patreon! First of all, the weekly roundup of stories, interactives, and other content I’ve found and enjoyed is up for the last week for everyone supporting me. Then, for people at the $5 level and higher, there’s the final two unpublished chapters of “Sinful Revenge” that’s in early access. There’s also four bonus captions that I’ve put up on my discord for patrons as well. You can find out more details on how to help support my writing here, and thanks again to everyone who does!

Roundup (8/15/2017)

I promised one last week, but time got away from me, so here we go! 

Tumblr Blogs

  • @andyspen – He doesn’t write all that often, but if you like filthy workers and skinheads, he’s your guy. Check the archive for his stuff!
  • @str8conversion​ – Just short captions really, but a fun blog all the same.
  • @words-only-make-it-worse – comic style photo captions with a variety of content.
  • Archives

    On occasion, I run across older archives of stories from by-gone eras that are worth revisiting, because they usually have some very nice gems. 


    Interactives & wikis

    There’s a new wiki up on Gay Spiral Stories called “All Hail the Emperor!” up if that interests you. It’s got a lot of uniform and rubber themes, and there’s a lot of interesting directions it could go.

    Also on CYOC:

  • World shift setting, women to bears 
  • Body swap, weight gain, humiliation
  • Anthro-bear / Anthro-Skunk TFs
  • Partial Body Swaps
  • Roundup (7/16/2017)

    Edit: Forgot the link for “Bodywork below! It’s fixed now.

    As promised, here’s a fresh roundup of stories for all of you! 

    Tumblr Writers:

    Some new writers have cropped up, or reappeared, or been discovered by me for the first time, and I want to give them a shout out.

    • @chaoticdjinn – A good writer of MC/TF fiction, whose stories tend to focus on muscle growth, incest, rednecks. A little too much wish fulfillment for my liking, but lots of other people are into that. 
    • @mcbaer – An excellent writer who’s blog has been silent for a bit, but he’s been posting weekly stories lately, and they’ve all been excellent so far.
    • @kinkygaystories – While not really within the MC/TF genre all the time, the stories are hot, and for people who love caption stories, it’s a good blog to add to your list.


    CYOC interactives:

    CYOC has been pretty dry lately.

    For this week’s last recommendation, you have to go offline! A month or so ago, @cigarpervdad recommended this book on his tumblr, and being the curious sort, I thought I’d check it out. I have a few…issues with it–the sex scenes are great, the love story is…overwrought, and the story world has some odd inconsistencies that bother me–that but’s worth a post of it’s own.

    On balance I’d say its worth a read, especially if you like detailed bondage and SM play. You can find it on Amazon here!


    I was traveling to Germany for two weeks as part of my jobs cross training program. I worked in sales, and they like to send their new employees, especially ones straight out of college, abroad to get some traveling and work experience. I really love my job, and it paid very well, so I was pretty excited to be able to travel on the company’s dime. I packed up plenty of clothing for the trip, and the flight was a breeze. When I got to my hotel there, I was very excited to find out that I was in a single room. Most other guys on this trip had to share, but I guess I was the odd man out.
    I stripped out of my clothing after the trip, admiring my smooth lean body in the mirror. My long blonde hair came down to my neck in a fashionable and messy style, and my clean-shaven face and sparkling blue eyes ensured that I had the interest of ladies very frequently. I admired my fit, trim body too. I would try to go running every morning and lift some evenings in order to stay cut, and I looked great for 22. I slid into my casual clothing and planned to hit the bars since I did not have to do anything until noon the following day and the time zone change would keep me up anyhow.
    I woke up with a rather wicked hangover when my alarm blared at 10 a.m. I started to roll out of bed, and I noticed that I felt off for some reason. I tried to sit up, and I noticed I had substantially more of a midsection than I did before. Coughing a little bit, I stumbled into the bathroom and flicked on the light. I was dumbstruck with what stood before me in the mirror. Gone was my youthful body, my preppy haircuts, and my young and innocent looks. Instead of man in his late thirties stared back at me. I had a bit of a guts and my body was completely covered in brown hair. My beard had grown in, and I could even see white hair among my face. I felt horrified, but also I felt like I was lacking something. There was a deep craving inside of me that I had not known before and I felt sweaty and anxious. I did my best to clean myself up in the shower, and I shaved my body for 30 minutes to get all the disgusting hair off. I towelled off and stepped out and looked in the mirror, and was panicked when I saw it all simply grew back in when I stop shaving.
    I went to go change into my slacks and sports jacket, but was pleasantly surprised to discover the closet filled with an array of fine suits. My anxiety eased a little bit as I began putting my clothes on. I slid the silk socks at my feet, and then I noticed I seems to only have bright colored jock straps for underwear. Puzzled by this, I grabbed a red and black one and slid it on. It caressed my much larger pouch comfortably, and would do for now until I got some boxer briefs. I slid on a white V-neck shirts and began getting into my button down. A nice blue one would do for today. I then started putting on the pants, a dark grey with a nice cuff at the ankle. The tire came on next comma and I expertly tied a double windsor with a Paisley silk tie. The belt and shoes came on next, polished black soft leather that I laced up carefully and swiftly. The jacket was last, and I eased into it.
    I looked at my reflection again in the mirror. I was still missing something from my morning routine. Yeah, I looked good and ready to go in to the shareholders meeting, but there was something else I was missing. I walked back out into my hotel room, and I noticed a carved wooden box on my bedside table that was not there before. The word humidor came to mind, but I was not sure what that was. I opened the box and inside were several earthy smelling cigars, two boxes of matches, and an engraved cigar cutter. Of course! I hadn’t had my morning cigar yet. I pulled one outs and unwrapped it, expertly cutting it before walking out onto the balcony with it and my matches. I lit up and begin puffing standing and looking out at the city before me, feeling the last bit of anxiety disappear when I began smoking. I would need to grab a cup of coffee and a pastry, but then I could comfortably walk into my presentation.
    I had heard the company had sent some young guys from the Stares to sit in on the meeting at observe, so I would get plenty of eye candy while I presented. I could feel my memories changing and rearranging the more I smoked, reinforcing my new life as a business executive. I could also feel my cock starts to tent a little bit, and I understood now why I wear jockstraps with my suit. I couldn’t have my fat cock leaving a trail of pre-cum inside of it and the large pouch jockstrap would be one of the only ways to keep me secure. I was also going to need to find a piece of ass tonight, as I could not seem to remember fucking last night. Yeah, it wasn’t too hard to find a cute hairy guy around here to come over and ride my cock. Just one of the perks of being a vice president I suppose. I finished my cigar, idly rubbing my bulge as I stared out over the city from my penthouse suite. I just had to get through the day, then I could smoke another cigar, hit up some cute guys, and live the high life.

    I’m on vacation this week! This is a featured author you should go support! I’ll be back with original content next week.