TPC – Chapter 2.12

Chapter 2.12 – The Hardhat Life

“Rise and shine meatheads, let’s get to fuckin’ work!”

Richard groaned and rolled over on the mattress, and nearly tumbled off–he reached out and found a post and stopped himself, then looked around. He had no idea where he was. In fact, he had no idea where he was supposed to be. He had no real idea who he was, either, for that matter. It was easier to start with the where–so he did that.

It was a long metal room, the two sides lined with bunk beds. All around him, guys were clambering out of their own narrow mattresses, all of them naked, and pulling on a wide variety of grungy, unwashed clothing that had been heaped in the center of the room. He laid there, watching, until someone came up and gave him a smack upside the head. He looked down and saw a face glowering up at him. “Newbie! Get your ass up, get dressed, and get your ass outside.”

The knock and the barking of the order was enough to stiffen his little cock, and he did as he was told. By the time he got down and lumbered over–his body just didn’t feel right, somehow, but he didn’t know how it was supposed to feel anyway, so maybe this was how it should be–the pile of clothes had dwindled to nearly nothing. He pulled on a filthy wifebeater than smelled like someone had pissed on it recently, found a set of overalls that were too long for his shorter legs, and ended up in sets of mismatched socks and workboots, but he was dressed. The last one out the door, he took the hardhat the boss handed him, and put it on like the rest of the men milling about in the yard. The crowd was larger than just the men who had fit in his quarters, which now that he was outside of it, he saw was a converted shipping crate. There were three more in the vacant lot where they were now wandering around. Some guys were trying to swap clothes, others were standing, waiting for orders probably. The Boss called them to order, and they all stopped what they were doing, and listened.

“Alright, we got the usual three spots today, and some special jobs I’ll be assigning myself. Twenty of you on the right–twenty on the left, and the rest in the middle.”

There was some jostling, and Richard ended up on the left flank.

“Alright. Right hand side, you have the project with House of Kings, working on their new compound. Left, you’re working the apartments up the block. Center, you’ll be broken into smaller teams for odd jobs. Alright, let’s get to it.”

The men broke off and headed to their assigned locations, Richard swept away with the twenty other grunts headed for the apartment job. They got there in a few minutes, and another Boss was waiting for them, lined them up, and assigned them duties. He gave Richard a once over and sighed. “Newbie, you’re gonna be runnin’. Just make sure everyone’s got the shit they need, and try not to fuck anything up,” he said, and then moved onto the next guy in line. Richard wanted to ask him what they were doing, why he was here, but he didn’t get a chance, and the other guys didn’t seem particularly interested either. When he was finished assigning duties, they broke off and headed to their duties, but Richard stayed behind.

“I…uh…I don’t know why I’m here, I think…I think there’s a mistake.”

“There’s no mistake hardhat. Get to fucking work.”

“But…I don’t think I work here. My name…my name’s Richard, and–”

The Boss slapped him across the face, and for the second time that morning, Richard found himself with an embarrassing hard on. “Get in the fucking trailer. I don’t know where they’re getting you fucks lately, but they aren’t even cleaning you out properly.”

Richard gulped, but did as the Boss ordered, following him into the trailer. He noticed a couple of other guys watching, then they shook their heads and got back to work. Richard felt a little shame at that, but what had he done wrong? He just didn’t understand. The door closed behind them, and he had no chance to think before the Boss whirled on him, put both of his hands around his neck, and shoved him back against the wall.

“Now, you need to listen real close, Newbie. I don’t like having to explain shit, and you fucking hardhats are too fucking stupid to understand half of it anyway. You don’t have a fucking name–not anymore. You’re a fucking hardhat. You’re all interchangeable. You work, you eat, you sleep, and you do it again the next day, got it?” Richard nodded, but the Boss only squeezed his throat tighter, until he was gasping for breath, and then released him. Richard fell forward as he stepped back, and he landed on the floor in front of him on all fours. Without letting him catch his breath, he shoved the toe of his dirty boot in his mouth. “Clean it, pig.”

Richard tried to pull away, but he just pushed it harder, rolling him onto his back, the bottom of his boot against his mouth, while the Boss pulled his belt free from his pants, doubled it, and gave him a sharp smack on the nuts with it, making him grunt–and much to his horror, leak profusely, enough to wet the front of his ill fitting overalls. “I said clean it, pig. I know you fucking hardhats love the taste of a grimy boot.”

Richard realized he was already licking the boot by the time Boss gave the order. Even worse, he realized that he was enjoying it. He reached down to grope his cock, only for Boss to smack his hand away with the belt. 

“Keep your hands off pig–do a good job, and maybe I’ll let you cum with my cock deep in your guts.”

That image just made Richard lick harder, much to his shame. But the shame only made him more excited, made him leak even more, and that made him lick more, and he…he was enjoying this. He wanted this. When the boots were clean, he begged Boss to fuck him, begged him to breed his dirty pig hole, and Boss eventually relented–but only after looping his belt around Richard’s nuts and pulling it tight while he fucked him good and rough. That was enough for him to explode with a loud squeal, shooting his load all over the desk he was bent over, and once Boss had finished inside him, he made Richard clean off the desk, then his cock, and then gripped his neck again.

“Now, who are you?”

“A…hardhat, Sir.”

“And what is a hardhat?”

“A…stupid pig, sir. A stupid, horny, stinking, gross pig…”

“And what are you gross pigs good for?”

“Work sir. And fucking. But mostly work…will…you fuck me again sir, please?”

“You’re fucking disgusting,” he said, and released him. “Get to fucking work, don’t you realize how much of my time you wasted, Newbie? Give me that hat.”

Richard handed him the orange hat he’d received that morning, and Boss handed him a yellow one. 

“You know what that means?”

Richard shook his head.

“Means you’re today’s urinal. Tomorrow too–as long as I think necessary, until you get used to being a filthy hardhat. You’ll still be running, but all the hardhats know what that hat means. Think you can do that? If not, I have another one you can wear instead,” he said, and pointed to a brown hardhat on hanging on the wall. “But maybe you’d like that one too much.”

Richard gulped.

“Now get out of my sight.”

Richard scrambled out of the trailer and back towards the workers, and saw that quite a few of them were waiting to see him come out–and when they noticed the swapped hat, more than a few of them even looked a bit jealous. Richard understood why. Boss stuck his head out, hollered at them all to get back to work, and they scrambled back to their duties, Richard quickly finding a little bit of a flow. Guys would shout at him if they needed something, and he’d find it and get it to them. If there was no one shouting, he started asking around–and if they didn’t need something, they usually needed to piss, and Richard was more than happy to drink it down for them.

“Lucky fucker,” one of them said as he finished, “Wanna trade hats? I never get to be the urinal.”

The hardhat considered it for a moment, then shook his head, and headed off to check with someone else, his concerns already evaporating, as the day heated up. He was a hardhat now–he didn’t need to know more than that–but he did, for some reason, hold onto his name. It wasn’t important really, but he liked the sound of it, how it felt in his mouth. Richard. He whispered it softly to himself that night, and each night after that–and before long, it was all he had left.

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Rape By Neighbor (Sketch)

It was a few weeks after I’d moved into my new apartment. I’d asked my parents to finally let me move off campus this year, now that I was Junior. Don’t get me wrong, the dorms are fine and everything, but I was looking forward to the chance to have some space to myself. It was a one bedroom apartment, though that description was a bit generous–it was more like a glorified studio than anything else. Still, everything was functional and relatively clean, and only about five minutes off campus. The complex had a pool–not that I really was planning on swimming or anything–and everyone’s apartment had a little balcony that looked out over it–none of them were exactly private, but hey, that’s apartment life, right?

It was late summer and still sweltering–I’d already learned to regret going to school somewhere hot–and the apartment didn’t have air conditioning. I was…a big guy, alright? I’d done both the Freshman and the sophomore thirty-five, and so I was sweating like a pig, and the breeze was one of the few things that I could do to cool myself down during the day, and that’s when I first met Jed. He was my next door neighbor to the left, and he was out on the balcony as much as I was, thought he did it because he smoked these fat cigars almost non-stop. The apartments were allegedly smoke free, but everyone looked the other way, as long as our places didn’t stink too much when we moved out. He had a big beard, always wore these wife beaters which showed off his hairy arms and chest covered with a riot of tattoos. We chatted a bit at first, but he didn’t seem like one for much communication.

Now, the other reason I’d wanted an apartment of my own was something my parents didn’t need to know about, and that’s that I was a bit of a slut around campus…and around town. I was on Growlr all the time, and I’d had enough of my roommates walking in on me and some other guy with his cock in my mouth, or mine in his ass. Needless to say I took advantage of my new freedom almost immediately, hooking up with a few guys I hadn’t seen all summer. I don’t know when Jed figured it out–I sure didn’t tell him. He probably ran into someone leaving or heading for my apartment, and must have put two and two together…since I knew a few guys who weren’t known to be quiet or subtle in bed. It was late one night, and I couldn’t sleep in the heat. No one was around who wanted to fuck, and so I was out on the balcony on my phone, cooling off in my underwear, when I realized I wasn’t alone. Jed was out on his balcony, and he was looking at me…and groping himself, lips wrapped around one of those big cigars of his.

Now, at that moment I thought I was pretty lucky, since I’d always had a thing for the rough daddy type. I cruise him a bit, slip my hand down the front of my pants and start fondling myself–and that’s when he gets this disgusted look on his face. “Fucking faggot, did I say you could fucking touch yourself? Get your hand out of your fucking shorts.”

Fuck, one of those. I should have figured as much. I thought about just going inside and not even dealing with this, but, well, I was horny. I’ve never been known to make the best decisions when I’m horny. So I pulled my hand out, and watched him for a bit. He just kept groping himself, wouldn’t let me see his cock, and I was getting bored. Eventually I said something like, “You just gonna stand there, or you gonna do something with that?” He just glared at me, and then went back into his apartment. I went back into my apartment too and tried to get back to sleep. It was an hour later that someone started knocking at my door, and I got up, peeped through, and saw Jed on the other side, pounding away, smoking a cigar, a bottle of booze in his hand. I only opened the door to tell him to go back to his place, but as soon as I turned the handle he slammed the door into my face, and I stumbled back, blood streaming from my nose, and he was on top of me, ripping away my underwear.

It didn’t hurt, really. I…might have been busy with a toy at the moment. I didn’t even really mind the roughness, if he’d just thought to ask, you know? I just let him have his way, it was easier, and he was a pretty good fuck–nice thick cock, though he stank of smoke and booze in the moment. He came after a few minutes, and without anything else stood up and left me there to push myself up, avoid dribbling any more blood on the carpet from my nose, and shut the door behind him.