You come back from the kitchen with another round of beers, and find your two friends, Barry and Steve, slumped against one another on the couch. Your heart beating faster in your chest, you hurry over and check to see if they’re good and asleep–those hypno pills had worked a lot faster than you’d expected. You’d bought them from a magic shop on a whim, doubting they would actually work–but here were your two bearish, but hopelessly straight, friends passed out and open to any suggestion your mind might dream up.

As a test, you tell them both to start fantasizing about the other, and even though they’re straight, they will find themselves getting hard. The two of them let out quiet sleep sounds and shift, as you see their shorts both tent out, and you walk over, groping both of them and encouraging them to delve deeper into their new, ultimate fantasy, soon working yourself into the mix as well. Before long, Barry is sucking your cock while Steve eats out your ass, and you know that your relationship will be very different from here on out.