Arctos: Mall (Part 9)

Ken didn’t know how much time had passed for him, before he woke again. He was still in the gurnery he’d been in before, but he was in a different room–one without the machines observing his vitals, and the IV drip into his arm had been removed, and was bandaged up. He could still remember lying there in pain, Harris looking down at him from the side of the bed, and then he had passed out–he hadn’t woken up once since then, that he could recall. Had it been hours? Days? There was no window, and no clock–the room just had a mirror (most likely a one way mirror, he supposed), and a door, but he felt too exhausted to even try and sit up.

Something had happened to him, to his body. He could tell that much, just from how much everything still ached, from his face and mouth and nose, down to his legs and ankles. There was an odd smell in the room as well, something…like a barnyard, as well, and he could still hear the nightmarish cries of terror and pain coming from all around him, but they seemed sharper, or perhaps closer, than they had been. Finally, he lifted his head, looked down at his body, and screamed–or at least, he tried to scream. The sound was just as inhuman and horrifying as every other noise surrounding him in this place, but there was no other reaction he could have had, to the nightmarish body below him.

His torso was thicker, almost the size of a barrell, and was covered in thick, brown hair. The same with his shoulders and arms, and the muscles were so thick now. He raised one paw to his face, and from the short black claws, and the black pads where his palm had been, he realized that his arms, and his chest, were that of a grizzly bear. Below that, attached to his hips, the long brown fur shortened and grew mottled, a lighter brown and white, with thick legs and rump, all the way down to two massive hooves where his feet should have been–like a minotaur.

He swung the heavy legs off the side of the bed and sat up as best he could, facing the mirror on the wall, and there he could glimpse his new face as well–small beady eyes, a pig’s snout, heavy brow, floppy pink ears, with two bull horns also coming out from his temples–short, perhaps, but from the pain in his skull, they might still be growing. That left his cock, which had begun to slide out of his sheath, corkscrewing as it did, but massive–with a huge set of bull balls swinging below, and a bull’s tail swishing behind him on the bed.

Tentatively, he stood up, trying to figure out how to balance on his new feet, and when he did, the mirror in front of him clarified into a window, and there, watching him, was Harris. The rage that boiled up in him was terrifying, even to Ken, and he charged forward, slamming his horns into the barrier, but all he did was bounce back, and fall on his rear. Harris laughed–he could hear him through the intercom of the room, and then he said, “Well, pet, I must say that you’ve exceeded all of my expectations, and I think you’ll have a buyer, as soon as we tame you. Just relax–the faster to let go, the more I might let you keep of that old self of yours, instead of just reducing you to a stupid, docile beast.”

The mirror returned a moment later, and then it became a screen, projecting a series of colorful swirls and spirals, and before Ken could look away, his eyes were sucked into the pattern, his mind disarmed as words poured out of the intercom, telling him was a stupid beast he was, that he wasn’t human, that he was meant to service men, that he was a pet, that he was obedient, that he wanted to be this way, treated this way, abused this way, that he deserved it. Harris just watched, groping his cock, and went down a couple cells to one of the beasts well along the way towards being fully conditioned for release, and fucked the desperate animal, pleased with his newest acquisition, and eager to see just how readily the thing would debase itself for Harris’ pleasure.

I think this will be the end of Arctos: Mall for a little while, though I might revisit it again in the future. There will be a short intermission for interactives–I’ll have a new one to start next week!

Arctos: Mall (Part 8)

Ken didn’t know where he was, when he woke up. All he was aware of was that it was mostly dark, it smelled like both his dentist’s office and a barnyard, and he could hear some…rather inhuman racket coming from somewhere around him, through the walls. The noises were disturbing–some of them were squawks and roars and howls, other sounds were like claws running across plates of metal, and some were even cries and moans of lust. He tries to sit up and get a better look around him, but he couldn’t–his wrists and ankles were shackled to the hospital gurney he’d woken up on, and looking up around, he saw that he was hooked up to all manner of monitoring devices, with an IV drip pumping into his arm.

He struggled for a couple of minutes, trying to get loose, but it was no use. He wasn’t sure whether he should cry out for help or not–juding from the sounds around him, he might not want anything else to know he was here. Where in the world was Harris, and what did this have to do with offering him some sort of job? In the end, he decided to stay quiet–this was just some…misunderstanding, he was sure. He just had to explain himself, and when Harris came back, he’d let him go, right? It wasn’t like he was some deranged psycho–why in the hell would someone like that be running a pet store?

It was quite a while before he heard the door to the room unlock, and then Harris stepped into the room–but he wasn’t wearing the mostly normal clothes he’d had on before. Now, instead, he was dressed head to toe in rubber, including a thick rubber apron hanging off his front. “There’s my newest test subject–I hope you haven’t been waiting awake too long. I had some other business and subjects to attend to, you see.”

Ken had been wrong–clearly, this guy was absolutely a psycho. He started struggling again, tugging harder at the cuffs as Harris came closer to where he was on the gurney. With one gloved hand, he immobilized the arm with the IV drip in it, and shoved a syringe into the receptacle, and after a few moments, Ken felt a wave of euphoria wash over him, and he fell back against the bed with a sigh.

“There, isn’t that better? That should keep you feeling nice and pleasant for a while.”

“What…what are you doing to me? What was that?” Ken moaned and slurred at him.

“Oh, that was just a light sedative, with some fun mixed in. This, however, is what you should be worried about,” he said, and hooked up a bag to the IV. It was a bright yellow liquid, and Ken looked at it, and then back at Harris. “You see, men have such…unconventional tastes these days. It used to be that a brainwashed boy was enough, but now, they want all of these features and oddities. It takes so long to get the mix right for a client, and I always need test subjects. If it works like it should, you’ll go to the client, if it’s off, well, someone else will purchase you at a discount, I’m sure.”

Harris hooked the tube from the new liquid into Ken’s arm. He tried to fight, but everything felt so…heavy all of a sudden, even his eyes couldn’t really be bothered to move around in their sockets, opting instead to just stare up at the ceiling. “That’s good, just relax–it’ll be painful, but that little cocktail will cut out the worst of it, or at least, it should. Still, what’s a little pain in the end? It will just make you stronger, I assure you.”

With that, Harris stood back and sat down with a tablet, ready to observe and take notes, and all Ken could do was writhe weakly, rolling up, watching that strange yellow liquid slide into his body, his arm burning first, and then the sensation spread throughout. It was changing him–but how?

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Spook Mart (Part 3) [Interactive]

Raphael had been inside Miles’s home any number of times–outside of their holiday rivalry, the two of them were actually quite good friends, and their families would regularly have dinner together. The house, however, was deserted–if Miles’s wife was out trick-or-treating with the kinds, Miles usually manned the door, but no one was even answering, and the kids who were brave enough to approach were leaving empty handed.

On the porch, after trying the bell a couple of times, he gave up and instead tested the knob–and discovered it was unlocked. He called out to Miles, but heard nothing in reply–he decided to venture in and see what was going on with his neighbor. As he entered, he also realized something else–that this was probably all some ploy to get back at Raphael in the first place. It was an act–it had to be! It was Halloween, after all. If anything, it made Raphael a bit proud that he’d gotten so far under his neighbor’s skin that he’d go to these sorts of lengths in order to try and scare him and win this little competition of theirs. Armed now with a bit of cynicism, he was able to see the strange oddities inside the house for what they were–fakes and props, nothing else.

Sure, the large vats full of…nightmarish looking creatures, suspended in formaldehyde or what have you, certainly looked real and terrifying, but he’d seen the trucks himself–obviously they were just props. He walked over to one and looked at it–it seemed to be some child, not even a teenager, suspended in fluid, but no longer entirely human, like someone had switched the boy’s limbs with a dog’s. He tapped on the glass, still amazed at how lifelike it was, when the boy’s eyes flicked open, and he began clawing at the glass, mouthing wordlessly in pain, or terror–and it was enough to send Raphael several steps backward, before he could remind himself it had to be animatronics of some sort–the fact that it looked so much like Miles’s son was probably done on purpose, just to make it even scarier for him.

As he explored, he heard the sound of voices down below him, and made his way to the basement steps–but as he went down, it was not the small cellar that he recalled Miles having under his home. No, this was…massive, and went down at least another two stories below than it had before, most of it open. How had they been constructing this right under his feet, for months, and Raphael hadn’t even noticed? That sneaky bastard–he had to give him some credit for this part, he supposed.

He crept down onto the platform below, and now he could see the source of the voice, and the screams as well. In an open lab beneath the catwalk, strapped to a table, was Miles–wearing some of the most elaborate prosthetics Raphael had ever seen in his life. He was naked, but much of his skin wasn’t human anymore–it was scaled, like a reptile. His face was contorted as well, with a lizard like snout pushing out from his mostly human face, open and screaming in pain (a sound unlike anything Miles had heard–but it was probably pre-recorded) and one eye was human, while the other was larger, yellow, with an iris turned on its side. He was struggling with his bonds, while a human bustled about the lab in a white coat–the mad doctor, of course, muttering to himself and to Miles, before injecting him with something else…and then, Raphael began to doubt everything, all over again.

The screams from Miles were fresh, and he watched his neighbor’s frame began to expand with muscle–but not…entirely human muscle, exactly. He could hear the bones snapping and growing, as his feet turned into dark black hooves in front of his eyes, a mane of brown hair grew down his neck and back, and his cock–fuck, it engorged and began to grow, longer and longer, until it was a literal horse cock lying between his legs on the table, a scaled tail growing out above his ass, thick like a lizards, but with the same long hair as the mane…and how was that even possible?

Raphael was frozen in shock–he didn’t hear the guards come up behind him before grabbing him, and dragging him down to the lab below, were the scientist, while annoyed at the interruption, was also pleased to have another test subject in the midst. However, what sort of test does he have in mind for Raphael?

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