Business as Usual

An open ended, multipart story following the various tales of a business that has been taken over by a new CEO. However, the men working there soon discover that with new leadership, it is going to be anything but business as usual for them.

Last updated: 10/21/2019 – Part 3 is now public!

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“Please, I’m sorry…just–fuck!–please, just let me stop!”

Mr. Goldman had been pounding on his nuts with his metal ruler for about twenty minutes now. I was just watching, enjoying myself. I’d tried to warn him about flunking me in his class, but some people just think they’re beyond the reach of punishment. I mean, I could have always just *made* him give me an A in the class–but then how would he have learned anything at all? The only way we can improve is by making mistakes, after all.

Still, I suppose he’s had enough pain for the moment. The next time he smacks his sack with the ruler, I see the pleasure light up his eyes, and he moans, with a tinge of confusion, before smacking himself again. They’d swelled slightly, in the course of regular punishment, but now they were expanding much faster, his sack bulging until it was the size of a softball, and then larger–large enough that it would be obvious in the front of any pants he wore, even as his cock shrank in size to little more than a nub. 

“Oh fuck, how…how are you doing any of this?”

“Heh, if I told you, I’d have to kill you,” I said, “Or figure out something worse than death, perhaps. Are you sure you want to know?”

His academic curiosity was sated, but I still had plenty of plans for my least favorite professor, and he had all summer to discover a brand new side of himself, with my help.

You did say your boss was a pain in the ass right? Well, I’m giving you the chance to be a pain in the ass right back. Don’t worry–no assembly required. Just go to the address provided–the enclosed key will open the door, and your bound up boss is waiting for you to torment. 

The included remote has four tools for his pain and your pleasure. First, your poss has been equipped with piercings which can be twisted a total of 1080 degrees for maximum pain delivery. The second button will activate the electrified sound inserted deep in your bosses cock, which is otherwise held in complete chastity. Third, the ball clamp will deliver a crushing pressure to his balls, guaranteed to bring even the most stubborn boss to his knees. Finally, the fourth will expand the inflatable dildo in his ass, stretching him as wide as a double fist. 

We guarantee that my the end of a single session, your boss will be a crushed, miserable piece of meat, begging for mercy at your hand, willing to do or say anything to avoid the punishment he deserves.