Business as Usual

An open ended, multipart story following the various tales of a business that has been taken over by a new CEO. However, the men working there soon discover that with new leadership, it is going to be anything but business as usual for them.

Last updated: 10/21/2019 – Part 3 is now public!

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Sneak Peek: Properly Vetted

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“Sir…it’s about…my boss. About Richard Evans. I know we’ve never spoken before, and I want to thank you for seeing me, and hearing me out. I know you’re promoting him to vice president, but…but I think there’s some things you need to know about him, first.”

Kyle squirmed a bit in his seat, wondering if the older man across from him was going to say anything at all. The man in question was Gary Olson–the rather enigmatic CEO who had recently acquired the company where Kyle worked as a software engineer. Why Mr. Olson had acquired them, his plans for the company–everything was in the dark, aside from a cryptic letter the entire staff had received a few weeks before, announcing the shift in leadership. Kyle hadn’t even set eyes on him until this moment, and he wasn’t quite the sort of man he was expecting. He was…short, and a bit squat. Fat, with a heavy second chin obscuring the knot of his tie. Balding. Not very…commanding, and yet his eyes…were chilling somehow. Stone grey, and he didn’t quite seem to blink as often as a normal person. He hadn’t stopped staring at Kyle the entire time he’d been here, and he was already beginning to wonder if this was a good idea or not…but he had to say something, didn’t he? After the things Richard had…been doing to him, lately? 

He supposed he had waited long enough–Mr. Olson was still silent, and so Kyle figured he might as well just say it. “He’s been harassing me, sir. Sexually. Since about the time his promotion was announced in my department. I…He was never like that before, but…I didn’t even know he was gay, but it’s like…the power went to his head. One day he was fine, and then the next…”

Mr. Olson reacted, at last, and leaned forward, elbows on his desk, still gazing at Kyle with those stony eyes. “I see–that is a serious accusation to make against a member of our staff.”

“I know sir,” Kyle said, “But it’s the truth.”

“What has he done, Mr. Porter? Please be specific–spare me no detail. I want to hear it in your own words, if you would please,” Mr. Olson smiled then…but it did not seem particularly kind, or like it was meant to help put him at ease. It just made Kyle even more nervous. 

“Uh…well, the first…” He gulped, looked to the door for a moment, and then back at the CEO staring him down. “It was the day after I heard about it. He came by my cubicle, and I congratulated him, and…and he leaned over me, and whispered some…awful stuff in my ear, and while he did, he reached down into my lap and groped my…crotch.”

“What did he say?” Mr. Olson asked.

“I…It was…sexual and…I don’t know if–”

“I need details, Mr. Porter. Please be specific.”

“He told me…he told me that he was going to have a personal little piggy once he became VP, and that he’d decided that the piggy was going to be…me. That I was going to be his little fuckpig, his dirty little pig whore, that he was going to fuck me over the side of his desk, and…and I was going to beg and snort for it like a good little beast…” 

Kyle gave a grunt, and realized, to his horror, that one of his hands had found its way into his pants, and was currently milking his cock, right there in front of the CEO, while he recounted how his boss had talked dirty to him. His face turned bright red, and he pulled his hand free–Mr. Olson just smiled a little wider as he did.

“Did you like it, when he called you a pig?”

“Excuse me, sir?”

“Did you like it, Mr. Porter, when Mr. Evan’s called you a pig? It looked like, for a second there, that you were almost enjoying yourself.”

“I…I’m sorry sir, maybe…maybe this was a mistake, I…I think I should go–”

“I’m afraid that I would much rather hear more about how Mr. Evan’s has been treating you, Mr. Porter, but first–please stand up from that chair.”

Kyle slowly stood up, not sure what was going on.

“Take off your clothes, please.”

“I don’t…excuse me, sir?” Kyle said, but he noticed something odd–that while he didn’t want his hands to do it…they were already unbuttoning his shirt down the front. He tried to make them stop, or even just slow down, but they were operating without him directing them, somehow. “I don’t…why can’t I–”

“Stop talking–and just strip.”

Kyle’s mouth glued itself shut, and his hands kept undoing his clothes in front of the CEO, Kyle trying to get a grip on himself and what he was doing, but more and more, it all just felt like some fucked up dream he had somehow wandered into. He tried pinching himself, but it had no effect–he dropped his shirt on the floor, took off his shoes, dropped his pants and underwear, and then he was naked, shaking slightly, horrified at what he was doing and unable to understand why he was doing it at all. He went to sit back down in the chair, but Mr. Olson shook his head. “No, stay standing, and tell me what else Mr. Evan’s has been doing to you, that made you so uncomfortable.”

“Well, he…he whispered all those things to me, and I told him to stop, that it wasn’t appropriate, and he…he showed me his cock, sir.”

“Just showed it to you?”

“He…made me suck him off.”

“He made you suck him off–just like that? How did he make you do it? Did you yell for help?”

“No…No sir.”

“Did you try and get away?”

“At first sir, but…”

“But what?”

But he’d liked it. He could feel Richard’s hand around his throat, squeezing until he saw stars, his mouth popping open, and he swallowed his boss’s cock, and…and he’d liked it. The taste of it, the feel of it. He’d felt…ashamed that he’d liked it, but it didn’t change the facts, did it? 

“Why is your cock getting hard, Mr. Porter? Are you thinking about how much you liked his cock? Did you really come in here today to complain, Mr. Porter, or is there something else you’d like to tell me? Something you’d like to ask?”

“That’s…that’s not all he’s done sir, it got worse. It got…worse today, especially, please…I don’t know what’s wrong with me, why I’m doing this…I don’t want to do this anymore. I don’t want to be his…his pig sir, please…”

Mr. Olson leaned back in his chair, one hand in his crotch, massaging his own cock, while he stared at Kyle on the other side, completely naked, chubby, his three inch cock at perfect attention. Still…there was something there that was appealing to Gary–Kyle would make a good pig for the rest of the office, just as Mr. Evans had suggested, but maybe…well, he’d have to press him a little more, see what he thought of him himself. “What happened today then? Spare me no details, Mr. Porter.”

Kyle gulped, unable to believe he was going to say this. He didn’t even really have words for it himself, he was still so…horrified, at what what Richard had done, at what…at what he’d allowed him to do to him. “I…I was in the bathroom. I had to piss,” he said, and swallowed. “I had to piss, and I think…he saw he go in, because I was at the urinal when he came in behind me, and he told me that, as the boss, he needed to piss first. I didn’t know what to do, so I moved out of the way of the urinal, but he…he shoved me down, onto my knees, got his cock out, and pushed the head into my mouth, and he…he pissed down my throat, sir. He fed me his piss, right there in the bathroom. I…I felt so fucking dirty sir, like a dirty fucking pig, but I was so afraid someone would see me, would…would, I don’t know…I didn’t want to do it, but I couldn’t stop myself, like…I have to do what he says. He’s doing something to me. He’s in my head! I wasn’t…this fat, before, and my cock was bigger, and…and I feel like I’m going crazy sir, you have to believe me! This isn’t normal. He told me…told me I was going to be his personal urinal from now on, and he’d…I’d have to eat out his ass too, after he shits, and…and then he fucked me. He fucked me right there, at the urinal, plowed me so hard, and my little pig cock fucking exploded all over the dirty urinal, and he made me lick it up while he laughed.”

Mr. Olson just sat there, in the silence after that, groping himself, and smiling at Kyle across from him. “And you just let him do all of that to you? He did all that, and you still came like a little dirty pig?”

Kyle gulped, and nodded in shame.

“Mr. Olson stood up from his chair, and came around to where Kyle was standing. “You still thirsty pig?” he asked, “You wanna drink my piss too? Eat out my ass? Beg me to fuck that fat, piggy hole of yours for a while? Is that why you came in here, telling me all of this? You want me to get all horny for that fat ass of yours, is that it?”

“No–No sir, please don’t…I don’t want this!”

Mr. Olson stepped closer to him, eye to eye, and stared right into Kyle. His eyes…fuck, they were so intense, that Kyle didn’t want to keep his gaze, but he couldn’t look away, and after a moment, Mr. Olson stepped back. “Well, maybe you’re right. You’re a willful one, I’ll give you that. I don’t know if Evans properly vetted you for the position. Maybe we should have him come in, and we can see about this together…”

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Just a Kiss (2 of 2)

Jules didn’t show up to the convention the next day. Eli thought he might just be sick…hopefully. It was just a kiss, right? He checked Jules’ room before lunch, but no one answered. He tried calling him, and the phone rang, but no one picked up. Eli felt guilty, but he wasn’t quite sure what to do. Call the cops? Go back to the bar? Maybe…maybe he could just give it one more day. He’d show up, surely.

He went out to dinner with some clients, hoping to nail a few more sales, but he was off his game, because as much as he liked to think of himself as aloof and immune to consequence, he was scared to death that Eli was dead in some alley, or being raped in some basement, and–if you looked at what had happened in a certain light, you might be led to conclude that the whole mess had been Eli’s fault.

He’d had quite a bit to drink at the restaurant, but before collapsing into bed, he decided to head back to Jules’ room one last time, to see if he’d made it back, or was just pulling his leg. He got to the room, and was relieved when he saw it was propped open–he hurried down the hallway and turned the corner, ready to tell Jules he was sorry, and that he was glad he was ok, but there in the hotel room were two of the bruisers from the night before, jacking up all of his things for him as quick as they could. Eli just stared at them, unable to believe what he was seeing, when one of them saw him in the doorway, alerted the other, and Eli split down the hall, the two men hot on his tail. They caught him when he stumbled, one man climbing on him, holding his head still, while he kissed Eli, forcing a lungful of smoke into his mouth…and after that, it was hard to remember what happened exactly.

He helped the men pack of Jules’ things, and then they went to his room and packed up his stuff, and Eli checked them both out of the hotel. He…didn’t really want to do any of these things, but everytime he started to fight, one of them men would give him another breath of smoke, and he’d…be hanging on their every word again. They made Eli get in their truck with them, and they drove to a…substantially poorer neighborhood, got out and went into a large house. The two guys took Jules’ and Eli’s things to the fireplace and started burning them, while the Boss escorted Eli down into the basement, where he found Jules. He…looked every different, with his huge beard and cigar, his tattooed arm shoved deep in some bear’s moaning hole, but it was him–he knew it.

“Hey, you fucker–I was gonna get you in a couple of days, but it’s good to see you again!” Jules said, hauling out his greasy arm and walking over, “Now how about that kiss, you piece of shit? Then we’ll get you a cigar, get you in that sling, and we can get the real fun started.”

Just a Kiss (1 of 2)

“No–I want to see you two fucks kiss. Come on–one kiss, and we’ll let you go. I…promise.”

Eli wasn’t sure how things had gone so far south so quickly. He and Jules had just wanted to grab a drink after they’d finished working the booth at the business convention. They’d wanted to avoid the bars near the center, so they wouldn’t have to schmooze, and could just be themselves for a bit, and they’d ended up here–and now, here they were on the small deck, surrounded by these…burly fucks. Eli shouldn’t have said the word faggots, of course, much less at a volume anyone besides Jules could have heard, but now here they were–surrounded.

“Come on–it’s just a fucking kiss. It doesn’t mean anything. You think a kiss will turn you into a faggot or something?” the ringleader said, grinning a bit, getting some chuckles from the other brusiers around them. The air was thick with smoke–most of the guys in the group had a cigar or cigarette in their mouth. Eli looked over at Jules, who was just glaring back–angry at him for his stupid comment, but also a bit terrified. They were both middle aged businessmen; hardly a match for the guys surrounding them.

“N-No. Look, I’m sorry, I didn’t–”

“Look boys, if these two won’t kiss, why don’t we just kiss both of them?” the boss said, to raucous howls of his gang. They closed in, one man grabbing Jules around the shoulder and pulling him into a smoke filled kiss, while Eli, fought his way out of the circle, losing his coat, but emerging unscathed otherwise. He looked back for Jules, but he was…still kissing the man? The guys were still chasing him, but he ran out of the bar as fast as he could hailed a taxi, and headed back to the convention. Jules would be fine, he assured himself. He’d…make it back on his own.

Sometime later from this caption.

I can’t stop. If I stop, Rod will take me. Has Rod already taken me? Aren’t I his already? I can hear him screaming in my basement dungeon now. Pull on the last of my leather gear–this shit I always thought was so disgusting is so…damn comfortable now. Pull on a hood, because I don’t want him to know it’s me, not that it’ll matter much soon, if he sees my face or not. I suppose some of it just my own shame, my own embarrassment, but that’s waning now too. Light a cigar–have to have a cigar, of course. One last look, and head downstairs.

“What the fuck is this fucking shit! This some fucking pervert thing? You don’t know who the fuck you’re messing with–I’m very important! People will notice I’m missing!”

People would notice, but no one would expect to find a man like him in Pigtown. But only for a few days, and then it would be like he’d never even existed, just like all of them. He’d lost count, now. Rod needed one a week…and he’d tried to resist taking this one for a while now, but he needed him in a way he couldn’t exactly explain. 

Down the stairs, and there he was. Ropes tied meticulously over his suit, tie over the top, bound to a post behind his back. Legs wide. Eyes wide with anger…and a bit of fear. I didn’t want to see the eyes, I hate the fucking eyes. I go over to the toolkit Rod’s provided me with, a present that came with the dungeon, pull out a hood, walk over and pull it down over his head, watching the leather suck against his skull, clamping under his chin and around his neck, shutting his mouth. He struggles, I watch. stubble growing along his bare mouth…I tease it with my bearded lips, listen to him let out a deep, guttural moan of desire, and kiss him, feed him smoke for a few minutes. He begs for a few minutes, pleading with me to not take his mind, but then…just grunts, bucking against the post.

I’m horny now. I tear open the front of his suit, find a cock ring and fit it around his short thick cock and big balls, and they start to inflate inside–I get down and start sucking. I missed a drop off once–need the cum now, all the fucking time. Mine, or anyone else’s, or I feel sick. 

“Yeah pig, suck it…” the man’s mouth says, “Suck daddy bear’s big dick.”

I don’t want to do this anymore, but I don’t know how to stop. The man is thrusting down my throat now, his cock longer than a foot, but I have no problem taking it all, somehow. A…daddy would be nice, I suppose. I don’t owe him to Rod until Monday, so we have all weekend. Yeah, some daddy time would make me feel better, I’m sure of it.

Features & Bugs (Part 2)

I nodded, even hornier than I’d been before I’d started the film, packed up my stuff, and left with Austin to head for his place, driving separately. The entire time, I couldn’t get that movie out of my head, it felt like the entire thing was looping over and over. Still, when I got there and we got busy with each other, I was still too nervous to suggest trying anything that I’d just seen, and Austin didn’t even bring it up, keeping things relatively vanilla.

In my previous relationships with women, I’d always enjoyed a more dominant role, and when I’d first hooked up with Austin, I’d tried that with him, but it wasn’t long before things had reversed. By this point, I was exclusively bottoming for him, and while I’d grown to appreciate it, that was the first night where I actually enjoyed the experience. Suddenly, having his cock in my ass…it wasn’t an intrusion, it was welcomed. Needed, even, and I kept thinking about that fist, thinking about how wide that pig’s hole had stretched to accommodate it, wondering what it might feel like to have someone inside me like that. The one thing I did do, while he fucked me, was start grunting and snorting a bit–not really on purpose at first, but doing it made me feel so damn sexy-dirty that I kept going, and Austin ramped up the nasty talk, calling me a little piggy, and that was when I blew all over his sheets.

We fucked a few more times that evening, which was more than we had before. I was insatiable, now that I knew how good it felt to be filled up, and Austin was more than happy to help me out. He couldn’t get it up the fourth time, but he seemed unfazed, and we dug around in his collection of toys, found a dildo substantially larger than he was, and now that I was well loosened he worked it into my hole…and I swear, I shot another load without even touching myself, just like that damn pig in that video, and as disgusted as I knew I should be…what I actually felt was pride, if you can believe it. I know I couldn’t, at the time. He worked me over for close to an hour, and I…I think I shot three more times before I’d finally had enough. I was sweaty and gross but I didn’t care…but I couldn’t get to sleep. My hole ached. At first I thought it was sore, but it was just…empty. I slipped out of bed and found a plug, and once that was in me I felt much better immediately, and drifted off to sleep almost immediately.

The next morning, Austin laughed when he found me plugged up, but he was ready again, and so we fucked one more time before work. Austin wasn’t small by any means, but after that dildo the day before…getting fucked was nice, but it just didn’t quite do it for me. I still came, but I was thinking more and more about that fisting session in that video. We carpooled to work together–it was Friday, and had already made plans to spend the weekend together like usual–and I went to work with the plug still in. Honestly, I’d just forgotten to take it out, and didn’t realize it was still in until the vibration of the car got my cock hard as a rock. I told Austin what I’d done, and he smirked, suggesting I just keep it in–after all, who would know, other than him of course. The thought had occurred to me of course, but having him validate the desire made me more comfortable with the idea. It wasn’t like I couldn’t take it out when it got uncomfortable, right?

Comfort wasn’t the issue, it turned out–it was stimulation. I couldn’t focus. I had to keep slipping off to the bathroom every hour to jack off, still snorting like a pig. I couldn’t get through tickets–I’d just stare at my computer screen, rocking on my plug, thinking about that video, wanting to watch, terrified someone might see, groping my leaking cock through my khakis. Before lunch, Austin sent me a link–another video. I skipped lunch, and watched it instead in the empty office while everyone else was out.

It was shorter, but featured the same pig as before. It was soaked in piss again, crawling around the floor, licking boots, licking cocks, licking pits, licking cracks. The lighting was better, and camera more focused on the pig this time, his body covered with less rubber. I could see that his entire body was covered with tattoos, face covered with piercings. It’s small cock was studded with metal, with a huge PA bigger than one of his balls through the head. His skin was totally smooth, it shone like it was covered with grease or oil, head shaved, but with a thick, grungy beard. I couldn’t finish the video before someone came back, and I rushed off to the bathroom to finish up my own load.

At the time, I couldn’t understand why this was affecting me so much. I’d always been a pretty level-headed guy. I’d never been that interested in sex. But now, I reeked of it, and all I wanted was Austin to take me home and plow me to the ends of the Earth, but I needed to finish the day at least. I managed to hold my focus for a hour, solving a few tickets, and one happened to take back to the building of the guy who’d had that screen flicker the day before. I’d completely forgotten my promise to check in on him and see how his computer was acting, so I was glad I’d remembered. I finished the ticket I’d picked up first, and then swung back by the guy’s office. The door was closed, so I knocked, but didn’t get an answer…but I could hear noises coming from the other side of the door, so someone had to be in there. I knocked again, and this time the sounds grew quieter. But were still there, and after a few moments, they got louder again. I was curious, so I tried to knob. It wasn’t locked, and I slipped the door open quietly–just a crack, but enough to see inside.

Features & Bugs (Part 1)

“You don’t even believe me, do you?”

I did my best to suppress the sigh I wanted to reply with. “It’s not that I don’t believe you–I just don’t see anything wrong, is all…Can you be more specific? The ticket just says that it’s not working right.”

“I don’t know! I hate computers, it’s just…I don’t know, I felt a shock, and then everything just seemed strange afterward. I think it’s the circuit board or something. Motherboard, whatever! Just get me a new one, if you can’t figure it out.” he said. He was some middle management flunkie, probably didn’t know much of anything. Who kept putting shits like this in charge anyway? He looked like he couldn’t even be done with college yet. Here I was, 34, worked with computers all my life, and stuck doing tech support for idiots I hated just to pay off my student loans.

I looked back at the guy’s computer screen, but didn’t see anything suspicious, and if he wasn’t going to be more specific, then there wasn’t really much I could do for him. I could waste all afternoon getting him set up with a new desktop, and get in trouble for neglecting all of the other tickets which needed more attention than this, or I could blow him off, and get in trouble when he called my manager. “Look, I do believe you,” I lied, “But it was probably just some static. How about this–I’ll check back on you tomorrow afternoon, and if it’s still acting up, I’ll get you a new desktop–how does that sound? In the meantime, keep a record of what’s strange with it, and be as specific as you can. That will help me fix it.”

He wasn’t happy about waiting, but with a few more assurances, he relented, and I slipped away. I could at least block some time off tomorrow to take care of it, when I had less of a backlog. I checked my workflow and met up with a few other workers who had problems I could actually do something about, even if one was as simple as a reboot, and the other showing someone, again, how to put paper in the damn printer. Eventually I made it back to base–it was already early afternoon, and I’d had it with people for the day. Plus I was horny, and I can never focus when I’m horny. Thankfully, the IT office is pretty quiet and secluded–and so I sat down at my computer, put on some headphones, and started up the porno Austin had wanted me to watch. He was another IT guy in the department, a bit younger than me, but also gay. I’d always thought he was a bit of a weirdo, but we’d grown closer over the last couple of months–I mean, really close. We hadn’t made the fact that we’d started dating public or anything, but it was getting serious, or it felt serious at least.

I scanned the empty room one more time, before hauling out my cock and starting the video. The first couple of minutes set the scene–I’d never seen a space like that before, a large, dimly lit tiled room, almost like a bathroom but emptied of everything inside it. Two men came it–one tall and muscular, the other fatter and dressed in rubber with the word pig across it, and the muscular one shoved him down so he sat on the dirty tile, and chained his arms up–and then the men started coming in. It was the kinkiest thing I’d ever seen, watching men use that pig–as a cumdump, as a urinal, humiliating it, kicking and crushing his puny cock and balls with their boots…intellectually, it disgusted me, and yet I couldn’t tear my eyes away. I lied to myself for a bit, that I liked observing it, but the truth was that I identified with the pig. I…I was so damn curious, what it would feel like, taste like, to be treated like that. I couldn’t believe Austin had thought I’d like this…but I was just as surprised that he’d been right that I would. Then again, he always seemed to know more about what I wanted than I did. Hell, I’d thought about guys before, but I’d been a virgin before meeting him, after all.

I was so engrossed that I forgot to keep checking the room, and so the hand on my shoulder nearly sent me flying from my chair. Thankfully, it was just Austin. He was smirking down at me, and at my hardon, “You should really be more careful, you know,” he said, unzipping his fly and letting his cock out, “Wouldn’t want anyone else here to catch you with your pants down.”

I sucked him off, but kept one eye on the porno still playing on my computer. The pig was now filthy, covered with piss, cum, spit. The man who’d locked him to the wall–his master, I suppose–walked back over, now that the other men had thinned out, unchained him, and ordered him onto his hands and knees. I assumed he was just going to fuck him, but instead he lubed up his entire hand and began worming the entire thing into the pig’s hole–it wasn’t even all the way in, before the pig came, heaving and grunting as his tiny cock splattered the filthy floor with cum. I shot too, but kept watching, the master shoving nearly his entire arm up the pig’s hole.

Austin came after that, and then pulled the headphones off my head. “Quitting time–I assume you wanna come over tonight?”

Another long day on the convention floor, and he was itching to be out of his damn suit. Literally itching. Ever since…since that wild night in pigtown, anything that wasn’t rubber or leather was just so difficult to keep on after a few hours. Part of him just wanted to rip the clothes apart, but he restrained that desire. He’d been working on this, he’d been working on controlling this. As much…as much as he wanted to just give in (and god did he want to just give in, fuck, he’d been fighting it for what felt like an eternity and it hadn’t gotten any easier) he made himself slowly take off his coat, undo his buttons one at a time, his hands shaking, drop his pants, and breathe a sigh of relief. At least he could wear the rubber underneath–that helped more than anything else. He laid back on the bed, groping his hard, leaking cock through the jock, moaning softly, feeling so much better now that he was free again, now that he was…himself.

No–No, that was a lie. This wasn’t him, this was just…just a need. Once he released it, he’d feel better again, he knew he would. He always did feel better for a time. He’d just spent the day cruising the convention floor, and he’d arranged a few…dates with several men, at hour intervals, all night long. He looked over at the play pen he’d brought along in a massive trunk. It seemed…too elaborate, but he couldn’t very well play without his dungeon, right? He couldn’t be…be a proper pig without it. Couldn’t help more men see…see how good it would be if they were pigs too.

He was so close now, to cumming, to losing himself. He tried to contain it, to at least…focus it. He looked at the clock–ten minutes until the first one would be here, but he didn’t know if he could wait that long. He stared at the clock, watching the numbers, staring at them, and thankfully the man was early. He flung open the door and dragged the man inside–the stranger barely recognized the man clothed head to toe in rubber as the sweet, seductive man in the tailored suit from earlier, but after a few minutes, he didn’t care. After thirty minutes, he didn’t care about anything, with the man’s fist burrowed deep in his ass to the elbow, grunting and squealing and…and changing. 

Sure, they may not deserve it. But it was better them than him. Somehow, he knew that if…if he could just keep making other men into pigs, then he would be spared. He could keep his life, the life he’d fought so hard for. The second date arrived, and he dragged him in as well, making him eat out the first pig’s sloppy hole. Was he just lying to himself? Maybe, but he didn’t have to care right now, his mouth turned into a vicious grin, listening to the man gasp for breath, smothered in the pig’s ass. He loved this too much to question it now, and he’d keep bringing home more pigs as long as he was able.