Hey everyone! I have some new stuff to announce that folks might be interested in.

First things first, I’m working on a new long project, something a bit different that my usual stuff, which is a tabletop RPG engine based around Pigtown as a setting. Roleplaying games are something I’ve always enjoyed, and for years, I’ve designed little games as idea engines to help come up with stories and things like that. Folks over on discord have also played some of my other, smaller RP games. I’ve had various ideas for a larger game engine for a few years now, but building your own system from scratch is a nightmare, and I’d never run into an existing engine that felt like something I could hack into what I had in mind. Then, last month, I ran into the BOLT engine, and knew right away it could work for what I have in mind. If you’d like to know more about the game, you can find out more here. I’m going to be posting development blogs over on Patreon each week, diving into the various systems with more detail. You can read the first of those over here. If that’s something you’d like to follow along with, all patrons will have access to those. If you’d like to play early versions of the game and playtest some stuff, then everyone at the $5 level or higher, on discord, will be able to help me out as the various systems get fleshed out. My goal is to have a workable system, basically a player’s handbook, drafted by the end of March, so we’ll see! If people enjoy it, I might put out supplemental materials and story packs on occasion, but that’s a ways down the road. A secondary reason I’m interested in this sort of thing, is that if the system works well, I can build it into twine, and open up some new avenues there too.

In the meantime, I’ll still be putting out stories as best I can, but I’m hoping to make the game my focus for the time being. That said, I’ve decided to give myself a little challenge for this month, which is a caption a day! I haven’t posted much in the way of captions in a long while, and I know people enjoy them a lot. Some of these will be new, some will be captions I already posted on discord, and a few, if I get desperate for ideas, might be some old favorites from the archives, spruced up and extended. I’ll have the first one posted here soon! If you’re a patron and have a photo or two you might like to see me use, don’t forget to head over to discord, and slide it into the appropriate channel.

Thanks, as always, for your support and for reading my stuff. If you’re disappointed that you might not see much in the way of long form stories for a bit, don’t worry too much. I still have a few things up my sleeve…

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