Ideal Tenants (½)

Josh and Greg were two younger louts, who had managed to score a year long lease in a rather nice apartment building–and seemed intent to make everyone else living within the place hate their guts. They were loud, violent, didn’t care for the property of others, and when they arrived home one day to find a notice on their door–handwritten–which they didn’t bother to read.

Since I’d never get my lease back if I evicted you, I’ll just have to make you into some tenants I can live with! Your Landord.

The reason the apartment building was so nice, in fact, was because Mr. Emerson, the owner of the building, was a warlock. A warlock, who was rather fed up with the behavior of both troublemakers, and so, over rest of their lease, the two of them would find themselves…becoming Mr. Emerson’s ideal tenants. What they didn’t know, was that Mr. Emerson was gay, and had some rather specific tastes.

It was less than a month before their first awkward moment of sex. Josh and Greg often spent their time after work exercising on a shared bench they’d bought together. But lately, the two of them had found themselves becoming quite…distracted by one another. It was Josh who figured it out first, hauled down Greg’s shorts and started sucking at his cock, before demanding his roommate fuck his ass–Josh didn’t even bother to insist that he wasn’t gay, before fucking his friend’s hole for an hour straight.

From that moment on, every time the two of them tried to work out, they wound up fucking instead. And after every fuck, they found themselves ravenous, and would stuff themselves with anything they could find in the house. Meanwhile, Mr. Emerson was watching all of this on the various cameras he’d installed in their apartment, eager for the rest of the young men’s lives to fall into place.

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