Ditto Sketch (½)

At some point, in order to make progress, you have to step over at least some ethical line, right? Or at least, that’s what I kept telling myself, watching the thing I’d invented–a thing I liked to call Ditto, for reasons you’ll understand in a moment–take on the spitting image of a the rat in the cage with it. Was it alive? It was in a sense, I suppose. Over the next few hours, as Ditto figured out how to observe and take in it’s environment, as it learned, it began to move, following the parent rat around the cage. Learning how to eat, learning that it pooped, learning to drink water. Later, when I cut it open, Ditto had formed a rudimentary internal structure to accomplish the tasks at hand, but nothing like a real rat would have–because, of course, it wasn’t really alive. It was more like…a smart substance. Perhaps, even, a kind of artificial intellect, and amazingly easy to mass produce. And perhaps…well, it wasn’t exactly human testing, right?

See, I have a crush on this guy–his name is Ry, and he doesn’t know I exist, but whatever. He’s cute as fuck, and I’d never have a chance with him in real life, given that he’s straight and popular and so on, but maybe, with a sample, I could have a Ry of my own. It took about a month to assemble enough raw Ditto for what I was thinking, and that gave me plenty of time to sneak into the locker room while Ry was practicing and collect a DNA sample for Ditto to use. I waited until everyone had left the lab that night, and gave Ditto the sample and jolt of energy–watching the mass of goo begin forming into a coherent shape–seven hours later, there it was, a perfect replica of Ry, essentially comatose, right in front of me.

So yeah, I jacked off–and to my surprise, the Ditto started to copy me, and began to jack off as well. Not long after I came, it too spurted a solution which at least looked like semen, even if it really wasn’t. I hadn’t planned on this going any further–I’d duplicate Ry, just to see if I could, and then dissolve the Ditto back down to mush. But if it could, in fact, learn, then why not have a bit more fun with it?

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